Many of us have tons of apps on our phones, many of which have zero purpose at all aside from draining our phone batteries and sucking out our data when they update. What if you had apps on your phone that actually helped you become more organized and efficient throughout your day? Staying on top of everything usually seems like an impossible task, but it’s really not if you write EVERYTHING down. Since you spend most of your time glued to your mobile phone, you may as well make more of that time worthwhile. Here are 3 apps we think are a good idea if you’re on the road to organization.

  1. 24me

24me is a rather genius app for those in dire need of a personal assistant. Your calendar, to-do lists, personal accounts, and notes can be centralized in one place, and your day-to-day errands are completed all in one tap. You’re able to receive billing, event, and birthday reminders, or have the app pay your bills and send gifts to friends.


Available for iOS and Android


  1. Pocket

Getting the right daily dose of information is critical to your intellectual growth, and in this digital day and age most of get our information online from our mobile phones. Pocket makes sense because it helps you organize all of the interesting articles and videos that you find online and keeps them safely under one umbrella. Whether you find something interesting on Facebook, Twitter, email, or Safari, all saved clips sync across your devices. You can receive personalized new content for you to discover and the app can even read aloud to you with its text-to-speech feature.

Available for iOS and Android



Evernote is quite a popular app, and it’s definitely popular for a reason. If you need to organize your documents, notes, paperwork, projects or to-do-lists, Evernote is your guy. You can scan in whole documents, insert pictures and videos into your notes and then automatically sync up those notes between your smartphone and your computer, storing everything online.

These are just three of hundreds of apps that could make you more organized and productive. Getting your life together is an intentional act, so use whatever tools are available to help you achieve your daily goals even if it comes in the form of an app.

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