They say the greatest leaders are first great servants and I think the same can be said in the business world. Scratching others’ backs while they scratch yours is a great way to describe the benefits of guest blogging. As a small business, you may be struggling to gather followers and here are a few ways to turn that around.


1.Tap Into an Established Audience

Guest blogging enables you to use the platform of established blogs with robust audiences to reach out to your target customers. It is important that you choose topics that fit into the blogs themes as well as ones that are interesting to their audience in order to gain traction. Do a little research and see which types of posts have performed the best. Find subject matters that are engaging and will stir conversation in order to give your new audience something to look forward to.


2.Distinguish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

Being an expert in your field is a great way to sell and market your business to strangers. People are more likely to buy something from someone they feel is competent and knowledgeable so guest blogging is an awesome way to show that you are. It’s imperative that you engage with the comments section by replying questions and comments and building relationships. This could also be a great way to source out new content. Being an expert means you’ll have to come up with rich content that may take research and time to put together so that it adds immense value to the reader.


3.Build Your Email List

Building your email list through guest blogging is a great way to reap the fruit of you labor of writing. Ensure that you include a link to a landing page where people can be added to your mailing list within your bio or at the end of your post. If you would like to gain more social media followers, include your social media handles in your bio as well.

Guest blogging may seem like a drag if you’re not so much into writing, but it isn’t something that you should overlook as a marketing tool. If you can’t do it yourself its worth getting one of your staff to take on the role. When building a business it is necessary to use every medium that you can to create visibility and grow your audience organically. It may seem slow at first but over time you will see your seemingly little seeds turn into a harvest.

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