No matter what your world domination plan is, you have days where you’re just uninterested. No matter how many motivational quotes you read or pep talks you give yourself, nothing seems to be able to hold your concentration! Faffing around doesn’t have to take over your day if you can somehow find that little spark that will light your fire. Here are a few simple remedies you can use to get yourself back on track and back unto the road of productivity.


1 .Be Self-Disciplined

Being productive has very little to do with how you feel and a lot to do with putting on your big girl panties when you want to wear pampers. It takes more than a great idea and passion to achieve a goal. Self-discipline is also a major part of it. Self-discipline is defined as the ability you have to control and motivate yourself, stay on track and do what is right. If you can train yourself to do this, you’ll fake it till you make it meaning you’ll begin working and find that the motivation will catch up with you at some point! If this fails, think about the repercussions of procrastinating your tasks and that might get the ball rolling. You are in control, so act like it.


  1. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Sometimes the motivation and inspiration you need is in all of the little things. When you’re feeling hopeless and uninspired, take a moment to withdraw yourself from work and do something that will get your energy levels up. This may include exercise, listening to your favourite song, eating you favourite food, or catching up with a friend and seeing how they’re killing their goals. Happiness is a good emotion to work from. You also might find that your work is of far better quality when you’re in a good mood.

  1. Focus on the End Goal

There are many ways to keep the end goal in view when you can’t see past the present moment of demotivation. For some, using images of their end goal works the magic, while for others reading their goals out loud helps. Whether you’re trying to get yourself to work hard to buy a car, go on holiday, or just develop your skills, focusing on the end goal is a great propellant to keep you going when there doesn’t seem to be any point.


We hope these tips are helpful and the next time you’re having a lazy day you’ll do one of the three! Remember dreams aren’t built over night, they’re made up of all of the days that nobody was watching and you didn’t feel like it!

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