Twitter is a powerhouse for social listening, creating relationships and locating a target audience for whatever. It is the most social of all social media networks. The reason is simple; Twitter has an edge over other social media platforms. With Twitter, you can easily find and engage in conversations. This is a couple of steps ahead of usual features of sharing images and videos or tagging accounts and going live. But in what ways have you been using this canyon to your detriment?

Do you know that you can get more people each day to follow your profile with focused actions? You can transform your Twitter business account into a power-house. Many brands like Dell, Netflix, Merriam Webster have figured out a way to use the light-hearted, pop-culture focused platform to engage followers, and increase followership.

What are you doing wrong?

  1. Your entertainment game sucks.

A major brand that seems to leverage on entertainment-based content in their twitter world is Netflix. Their twitter account is dedicated to creating original moments and commentary within pop culture. How exactly do they achieve this? Simple, they look within their brand and social media audiences and work with the parallels they can find. In addition to generating and sharing relevant news which is the norm, you are also certainly going to spot authentic memes and other trends in internet culture, which is definitely void of redundancy. What is there to learn from this? Find an element of your brand that fits into the culture of Twitter and then understand that it is a place where short and witty copies thrive. With this, you have a new winning Twitter Marketing strategy.

  1. You underestimate Twitter cards

A great way to make all your tweets stand out is to utilise twitter cards. They are the best way to show people exactly what you are trying to promote, only in a louder way. There are about 8 different types of Twitter cards that you can use. Once your Twitter card is set up on your website, visit enter your web address on the Twitter tab and you will be able to tell if your Twitter cards have been set up the right way.

  1. Twitter followership is inert                                                                                                                    Your business can benefit from an increase in followership especially if your followers are engaged and well targeted. One tool whose usefulness cannot be swept under the carpet in this regard is Social Quaint, it increases rapidly your twitter followers by using data and analytics to find suitable users and conversations. This is really effective because you can select keywords to target. You will, in turn, get more clicks and engagement to your website as your followership increases.

  1. Your headlines are not eye-catching.                                                                                                    How do we choose what tweet we want to see in the ocean of tweets flooding our screens? We see so many tweets on our timelines but seem to be drawn to certain ones. Why do we seem to tilt towards those types of tweets and ignore a greater number? Headlines.

We are often times drawn to the most compelling, and witty headlines. These are the ones that nudge us to take action. So, for your next post, think about clever headlines for your tweets and content generally.

You can find the best and most effective word-combinations to use with a certain tool – the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyser. It gives you a score for each headline, so you can keep tweaking until you are satisfied with a particular score. You are not fully aware of the wealth of online tools available to us in the 21st century.

  1. You are not maximising Twitter analytics                                                                                              Every analytic tool you find online is useful for checking for views and engagements. Twitter Analytics is no different, it helps you check how much engagement and how many views your tweets attract.

Why do I need to analyse?  you may ask. When you examine the analysis, you can learn what your audience responds to the best. This may be images, videos, links or hashtags. Whatever the most engaging post is, tweet more of that. With this, you can increase your engagement level continuously. Examining your analytics to the letter helps you build engagement levels.


Always remember that almost any type of marketing and content can work when juxtaposed with the right tools for the right target. Your strategies will speak to your audience naturally when your brand strengths go hand-in-hand with your strategies.

Sustain your wins.


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