With our just concluded Heat Wave edition of Mente de Moda yet again it was proven that an amazing experience is every retailers dream. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that made our heat wave edition a success, our amazing vendors both new and old, our shoppers, our friends and family. Your constant support and patronage is what makes Mente de Moda what it is today and for that we are indeed grateful.

We cannot stop emphasizing on the uniqueness of our vendors at every Mente de Moda edition; it is a fact that we have the best vendors in Lagos, actually in the whole of Nigeria. Our lifestyle vendors, fashion vendors and food & drink vendors always blow our minds away with their products and as our last edition was the heat wave, we promised hot vendors with hot products and of course we delivered.

Let’s talk about one of our regular vendors’ @tee’scuisine, in addition to her mouthwatering delicacies she decided to up her game this edition and caught us by surprise with one of nature’s gifts, palm wine which tasted yummy! Also speaking about unique vendors we had @wordracers an innovative board game vendor; this game can be played by family members, a group of friends and many more. @breadlounge_ng was also present with the most mouthwatering pastries, which included donuts, brownies, cakes and so much more.

We have even more unique vendors every month MDM is back again with retail heaven on the 2nd of September

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