Food presentation is almost as important as the actual food you make. It is your packaging and what will influence a person’s decision to consume a meal or pass up on the offer. If you happen to sweep people off their feet by cooking for a living, then you already know this! People tend to eat with their eyes they say, so what are you putting in front of your customers? Novice or not, there are a million and one ways food presentation can go wrong. Here are a few that you can avoid next time you happen to be whipping together a meal for show!


Cold Food

There is no greater joy-kill than to see a delicacy waiting to be devoured and have cold food enter your mouth upon your first bite. I can’t count how many restaurants I have been to and been thoroughly disappointed by a juicy looking entrée that ended up being cold. Ensure that you time yourself and not dish the food earlier than needed to avoid it ending up cold when it reaches the customer. Reheating is all good and well, but there is nothing like having a fresh out of the pan dish.


Great Plate Presentation, Wrong Theme  

If you happen to be presenting food for a children’s party and have the plate decorated with a theme meant for fine dining, there’s a great chance the kids will have no interest in diving in. Pay attention to the occasion you’re preparing the food for and the ambiance of the place the food may be consumed.


Portion Size Doesn’t Match Plate Size

Using the wrong plate for the portion of food you’re serving will either leave you feeling cheated in terms of food portions, or overwhelmed if you have a large portion of food spilling over the edges of a small plate. Ensure the plate size is suitable for the amount of food it will be containing so it doesn’t look overwhelming or underwhelming.

It has been said that the devil is all in the detail, so make sure you’ve crossed all of your T’s and dotted your I’s. It would be unfortunate if after pouring your heart and soul into preparing a delicious meal, it ended up losing its appeal because of a few presentation blunders. Taking a few extra minutes out to perfect your final product is always worth the stress.

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