Brand in Contrast: Why Uber is Badass at Branding

Every brand whether its one you love or one you hate has a sentiment attached to it. When you see Nike you think about smashing goals and just doing it. When you see Skittles you imagine tasting the rainbow. This happens as a result of some badass branding strategies. According to, branding is defined as;

The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme.”

From this definition we can see that branding is essentially the story you tell your customers about who you are through the use of logos, marketing language, and communication methods. A brand that we think does a great job at doing this is Uber. Aside from it being a totally genius idea, they have marketed their brand amazingly well. Here are some things about their branding that stand out to us.


They are Well Dressed

Uber has perfectly done what Nigerians like to call ‘packaging’. The irony in the packaging is that they are what they say they are and there’s nothing scary waiting to jump out form the inside of the package. Uber’s logo is simple and clean yet creates an element of curiosity as to who they are and what they do.

They have a standard for the cars they use which means you will always be in a clean and well maintained car. Their drivers are always polite and presentable. They have paid attention to all of the details and tied loose ends. For all of the ones they didn’t tie, they have invested in ensuring customer feedback is paramount to their improvement. All in all you get high standard transport for affordable prices!


Their Catchphrase is Short and Precise

‘You Ride on Demand’

When you read this, it insinuates minimal stress, the availability of cars, and that it will be available to you as soon as you need it. In this catchphrase, they’ve managed to address all of their potential customer’s worries and needs. The app is easy to use, waiting times are kept at a minimum, and there are enough payment options to suit the customer’s needs.


Their Communication Tone is Casual Yet Oozes Seriousness

If Uber was a person, we would say they would be the young successful graduate who’s the life of the party at night, but still makes it on time to the board meeting the next morning on time and ready to kill his presentation. The tone and language they use is very relatable to their target audience who we would say varies from the young working class all the way through to the corporate professional. It is cool enough to attract millenials yet serious enough to target CEOs. They were also smart enough to provide different types of cars to meet varying customer needs.

Is your business branded well? Does it speak to your target audience in a language that they understand? When your business name comes up or your logo crosses consumers’ eyes, what is the first thought and feeling that comes to mind for them? Never forget that anybody can wake up tomorrow and create the same product as you, but a truly original brand cannot be replicated. Uber is a great business to take branding tips from. Seeing as they’re worth more than $6.2 billion, they are definitely doing something right.

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