As a professional there are business etiquette rules that you should be aware of. Ignorance is bliss, but not when it comes at the expense of a fist impression or your reputation to potential business partners and fellow colleagues. Here are a few etiquette tips to note for next time you’re out at a meeting or amongst professionals.

Introduce others

If you know that some of the people at the table don’t know one another, take the initiative to break the ice and introduce them.

Stand when being introduced to someone

It isn’t good matter to sit down when introducing yourself to someone. Stand up when greeting.

Say your full name

When introducing yourself say your full name. Avoid nicknames and abbreviations.

If you forget someone’s name say so

Don’t pretend to know someone’s name when you don’t. If you’ve forgotten their name, apologise and ask again. Of course don’t ask a third time.

Give handshakes initiate especially if you’re higher ranking person or host

Handshakes aren’t out of fashion so make sure you give a firm but not hand-breaking shake.

Bring your manners with you

Please and thank you are still necessary so bring them with you and use them, but don’t overuse them.

Stay off your phone

All of the phone addicts will find this challenging, but using your phone while at a meeting is rude and unprofessional. Unless it’s an emergency put your phone away. If you must politely excuse yourself.

Avoid politics and religion

These topics can tend to get heated and people can get easily offended so avoid heavy topics such as these.

Order the same amount as your guest/host

Note to all of the foodies- a meeting isn’t an opportunity to order everything you’ve been dying to try on your host’s bill. Be considerate and moderate and don’t order more than they do.

Don’t interrupt

Even if you’re itching to talk, wait your turn and don’t interrupt.

Ask before handing out cards

There are rules to handing out your business cards. Instead of shoving them down people’s throats, ask to exchange or ask if you can leave one for them.

Stay sober

Whatever you do, don’t get drunk…

Prepare a polite exit line

Before leaving the premises, leave on a high note by finding something polite to say and expressing appreciation for everyone’s time.


Etiquette is something you should take with you everywhere you go. It is a representation of who you are, a way of keeping mutual respect between yourself and others as well as an awesome way to leave a great first and lasting impression.

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