Employee satisfaction is a major key to business success. People will take you further than you can take yourself, so it’s extremely important that you treat them well. Some staff will quit or slack even if you let them eat lunch out of a golden plate bowl, so the focus of this article is people who actually have a great work ethic and potential to help build your company. Sometimes workers feel burnt out or are going through personal challenges and need a little help to get them back on track. Here are three methods you can try to get them back onto the road of enthusiasm.

Assess Their Behavior

Before assuming that an employee is slacking out of pure laziness, find out if there are any other issues contributing to their demotivation. Have a sit down and ask them if they’re still comfortable with their role, whether they’re feeling overwhelmed, and if they are frustrated with any particular tasks. If they are, find out how you can work through their frustrations. This might require you changing their job role slightly or seeing how you can share the workload with other colleagues. If the issue isn’t with the job itself, find out if they’re having personal challenges without being intrusive.


Offer Incentives

Incentives go a long way in motivating people who aren’t so inspired. You can use a range of approaches which include free cinema tickets, paid lunches, call credit, gadgets, or even cash bonuses. Set targets and make the reward clear. This will create friendly competition as well as a desire to try harder. It is a good idea to know the interests and needs of your staff as rewards related to their interests and needs are more likely to motivate them.


Team Building Exercises

Group activities have a way of encouraging bonding as well as a renewed excitement for work. Do a survey to find out areas each of your staff would like to develop in, and then run activities that will help shed more light on those areas. Make sure these sessions are practical and require the participation of everyone.


Having a good working relationship with your employees is worthwhile. It will help create a better flow of communication which will come in handy when they’re demotivated and you’re looking for ways to turn their mood around. Finding good employees isn’t always an easy task, so keeping the ones you have is an investment worth making. With any luck, applying any three of these tips will have your employees back on track in no time.

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