Small businesses need to save all of the money they can. This often means the few staff you have, if any at all, will be wearing multiple hats and carrying out multiple tasks. It may seem time consuming, and it would be a lie to say that it won’t be, but it is definitely necessary if you don’t want to begin paying out of your nose for services. Here are a few skills that you’ll find extremely useful in your small business.

1.Learn to use social media

There is really no need to over-emphasize on this point as we are all aware of the prominence and significance of social media in this day and age. Using social media to grow your business however is another matter entirely. It takes strategy, tact and also a good understanding of your audience to create the kind of content they will engage with.

2.Learn finances

Numbers are not everybody’s forte, but it is a skill you definitely want to learn when running a business. People who are good with money matters make a lot of money from those who are on the more clueless side, so if you’re looking to cut costs it’s a good idea to take a short course or watch a few YouTube videos. Even if you will still end up outsourcing this aspect of your business, it’s goo to know you’re not being cheated!

3.Learn to create and edit videos

Videos have taken over and YouTube is a testament of this truth. No matter what the focus of your business is, video is going to be needed somewhere within your marketing ventures. It is best you learn how to edit yourself as paying someone else to do it might cost you a buck or two!

4.Learn how to grow your email list

Email is going to come in very handy when you need to get information across to customers. You’ll need to send out newsletters regularly to build a relationship and maintain a connection with your consumers, but the good news it isn’t too hard to learn to use! The real work will come into play when you’re trying to figure out what kind of content works best for your audience and how to get them to actually open and engage with the emails.

5.Learn how to manage a website/blog

A website or blog is essentially the digital base of your business, so it’s pretty important that you have one. Paying someone to continuously update your site and upload new content can be financially exhausting for a new business. Learn the ropes of the backend yourself and you’ll save time and cash!


DIY is the new black, so we advise you take a few extra hours out of your day to learn new skills that will help you save money that can be invested elsewhere.

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