Does the name Green Grill House ring any bells? It is a lot what it sounds like, a place filled with grilling and green. Nigerian food typically consists of excessive oil, carbs and starch so stepping out of the box to provide a healthy food alternative had to be done by someone with courage, confidence and a brave heart. That somebody in this instance happens to be Madey Adeboye. This five foot six inch woman hails from Kaduna state in Northern Nigeria and actually studied law in school.

It turns out that fitness runs in the family as her dad is a fitness enthusiast who stressed the importance of fitness and healthy living. This inspired her to begin exploring healthy ways to make her favourite Nigerian dishes without them losing their essence and taste.

Initially, Green Grill house started as a food business that made a range of Nigerian dishes and strictly did deliveries upon order. As the business progressed, the unthinkable happened; there was a higher demand for salads than any other dishes available. She then began sourcing for spices as an aid to creating different and savoury dishes that stood out

Healthy food usually tends to be expensive but at Green Grill House, you can indulge in a big bowl of salad for N1,500 which isn’t bad if you ask us! She also served other dishes such as moi moi with less oil, chicken salads with spicy peppers, and a wide range of flavor tea and yoghurt.

She’s our entrepreneur in focus this week because she has a vision beyond making money, which is to impact the way that Africans eat. Beyond challenges such as sourcing fresh vegetables outside of Lagos, dealing with scarcity, and convincing Nigerians that it’s more than your average fast food restaurant, Madey has been able to push through and continue on her journey to creating a world of healthier Nigerians. Here’s to entrepreneurial motivation!

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