Every business takes off at different paces, however some just hit the ground running. Olatorera Oniru falls in to the latter as after just seven months of launching her business-Dress me Outlet, she was named as one of Forbes most promising African Entrepreneurs in 2016. For all of the fashion entrepreneurs, this might be a venture that you find inspiring and you can learn a couple of things from.

Oniru was born in Nigeria and attended middle school at Queen’s College before moving to America to continue her studies. After graduating Cum Laude Honors with a degree in Business Administration/ Management and Entrepreneurship from NC A&T State University, she went on to work at various fortune 500 companies. Some of these prestigious places include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ericsson, Central Bank of Nigeria and General Electric. Over the course of her employed years, she has been privileged to travel to over 50 cities in over 10 countries in 4 continents.

Her decision to venture into fashion retail was influenced by her desire to help customers find great products at affordable prices after noticing the significant difference in the longevity of high and low quality products. She began Dressmeoutlet.com, a Lagos based e-commerce startup that retails fashion products sourced globally. Her customer base spans across Africa and the US and she focuses on offering high quality and affordable fashion, beauty and home-goods to consumers, 60 percent of which are made in Africa while the other 40 percent are imported. The primary objective of her business is to promote made in Africa goods while only retailing only the best 20% African designers.

Another interesting aspect of what Oniru does is her going into rural to find unique treasures and natural resources that can be converted into luxury fashion apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Valuable lessons we’ve gathered from this entrepreneur are;

-Competency is key

-Work experience is a great way to prepare yourself for life as an entrepreneur

-Strive for the best quality at all times

-Think big and build big


Olatorera is a great source of inspiration and shows that a lot can be achieved through intense focus, a desire for excellence and a vision bigger than you. Here are a few words of wisdom by her that we’ll leave you with.

Please do it. Go out there and do it, one step at a time, one day at a time, one handshake at a time, one clap at a time, one achievement at a time. Africa now more than ever before, needs more entrepreneurs springing up and booming industries. Africa needs you, I need you, and the world needs you to succeed in whatever your passion is as an entrepreneur.”


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