The fashion business is a very competitive one, but it’s also one that will always be in demand. Fashion is one of the greatest forms of self-expression so people will always be drawn to new and unique ways they can do this. To be able to stand out of the crowd, you’re going to need to bring your A game when it’s time to market.

Fashion is a very visual business so photo shoots are something you will often find yourself doing. Her are a few essentials you should note if running a successful brand is on your agenda.

Confident models 

Not everyone uses models when doing a fashion shoot, but if you do, confidence is key! The models are the first thing that will humanize your product so ensure they look happy to wear what you’re selling.


The saying is true that it’s not about what you wear, but about how you wear it! How are your models wearing what you’re selling?



Choosing a location that tells a story about your brand is more important than you know. If you’re an eyewear brand, the consumer wants to know what it will look like to wear your sunglasses on the beach. If you’re selling evening wear they want to know how your gown looks over a candle lit dinner. Chose something that fits with the story you’re selling so that the customer can envision themselves in the end product. Another tip is to ensure if you’re using an outdoor location there isn’t too much sunlight as it creates shadows and squinty eyes!



Focus on what you’re selling 

Lights! Camera! FOCUS!  It’s super important that you let whatever you’re marketing stand out and not blend into the background! Minimize background props and potential distractions to the consumer. You can do this by creating plain backgrounds, focusing the lens and getting an up close on the product or ensuring your product is the boldest color in the room.

Photo shoots are full of unexpected mishaps, semi chaos and plenty more, however it is imperative that you try and ensure at the end of it all the finished photos look seamless and are a true representation of your brand and what you’re selling.

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