Working in Ghana, many people have asked if there is even a fashion industry. We see fashion shows once or twice a month, hundreds of models strutting their legs on the runway and not getting paid, the best of our best desginers are just capable of renting a shop after getting grants from the government, bloggers are making just about no money, photographers only survive on wedding shoots, and for everyone else from stylists, to make up artists to pr, they are just hanging around.

So it is easy to wonder if there is even a fashion industry in Ghana. Because these no money activities is not representative of an industry in anyway, this is simply a mixed circle of philanthropists, egotists, artists, aspirants that survive via their external activities or corporate sponsors, being everything but professionals. 
By saying that, it’s not to say they do not produce professional quality work or services, it’s to say only a handful can claim their role in the Ghana fashion as a profession or a full time occupation. So technically it’s just a group of friends and/or people that have a passion for fashion, or want to prove their are the Ghana version of something they saw on TV.
The truth is the fashion industry in Ghana consists of the fabric producers, tailors, fashion boutiques, accessory craftsmen and so forth. Not the university fancy dressed students attending and walking on the runway. Those are just people that are enwrapped by the Western industry and wish to make it a reality in their country. And there is amazing work being done, however their effort and activities are disconnected from the interest of the general public, and that’s why it can not sustain and industry nor the individuals in it. And this is why in our short 3 years of blogging designers and others come and go, because even the top designer is unknown to the common Ghanaian.
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