When it comes to food, seeing, smelling and ultimately tasting is believing. They say word of mouth is the best form of marketing, but you’ve got to do something to get people’s mouths moving and the talk going. One thing most people like talking about is good food, but you have to take the first step of getting to the food into your target audience’s mouths. Here are some ideas that might help you on your journey to making marketing magic.

Food tasting event

If you’ve ever been to a food tasting event, you can agree that it is a delightful experience to your taste buds and your tummy. Food tasting events can come in so many forms, whether it be hosting a certain amount of people to a three course meal if you’re a chef, creating an entertaining show and serving your food product as one of the starters, or making your product from scratch live so people can be roped into the process of how you make your food and feel the full experience. Find out what the best option is for your target audience and make it happen!



We’ve all walked passed a cute little kiosk with people holding out trays with tasters on them at malls or large scale events. Most of us have also tasted what was on offer because it was free and we were curious. Having a mobile kiosk and making sure it is present at key events is a great way to get people to taste your product and entice them to buy it. It’s also a great way to create familiarity and get your brand out there.


Reviews from key people

When it comes to food, talk is not cheap at all. Getting relevant people within your community to talk about your food will take you a long way! Because we live in a society where people are extremely amiable, it’s likely that hearing someone they admire say a certain product is great will drive them to want to try it out themselves. You can achieve this by sending them samples of your food and having them post pictures and reviews online on platform of your choice, and where they have grounds.

These are only a few ideas, so you can be creative and come up with your own. Irrespective of which idea you decide to go with Ensure your product is well packaged and well-made and you won’t have an issues winning the hearts of foodies over globally.

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