Apple needs no introduction. Once you see the symbol, you know exactly what it’s about. The technology giant hasn’t become a giant overnight and there are many components that have attributed to their success which includes great customer service. Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind Apple once said;

You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

This means that in everything they do, the customer comes first, which leaves no room for mediocrity in their products and interactions with customers. In Nigeria, we often lack this sentiment which leaves customers frustrated, unhappy and the brand not as well represented as it should be.

Anybody who’s ever had interactions with Apple can testify to the fact that they have some of the most friendly customer service staff ever. Their priority is always to meet your needs and fix your issues in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Here are a few lessons we’ve taken home from Apple;

-Be knowledgeable about your product

-Be empathetic towards the customer

-Be efficient in providing solutions

-Be timely in resolving issues

In order to achieve these key points, you will need to train your customer service employees to be knowledgeable. They should never be clueless about your products and services, as it makes the customer lose confidence in the brand. High quality customer service breeds loyal customers. Loyal customers build a lasting brand. Who doesn’t want a lasting brand?

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