“A logo is a simple and functional signpost to help people find and identify your business.”  

Independent brand consultant, Rebecca Battman


When starting a business, a logo is usually one of the first things in you to-do list. A logo is important as it can be used to maximize your presence on different platforms and becomes an image that lingers in people’s minds that they will identify with your brand. There are a few things to put in consideration when sitting down with your designer to put together your logo to ensure it adequately embodies your brand. Sagi Haviv, partner at New York graphic design firm Chermayeff & Geismer & Haviv (CGH), says that a logo should be four things in which will be listed below.


It must be appropriate to the business

Make sure whatever logo you design fits what your business represents. It should resonate with your values. Values can be expressed through colours, fonts and images. For example, if you’re a warm and friendly brand use warm colours and welcoming images. Style, layout and colours will need to flow throughout your identity so that it adequately represents what your business does and who you are.

It must be memorable

Pay attention to colour combinations and make sure your logo is likeable. This will ensure your logo stands out and is memorable. Don’t create something that will be easily forgotten. Ensure it’s striking, eye-catching and thought provoking.

It must be uncomplicated in form

In the bid to be original, make sure you don’t create something overly-complicated. Your logo should be simple, clean-cut and still have a creative edge. Complex logos will only leave people distracted and confused.

Make sure it’s original

Don’t replicate what your competitors are doing. Try and think outside of the box and do something highly creative. Study some of your favourite brand logos and see if you can identify what makes them unique. It should give you inspiration when creating your own.

Above all, remember that a logo is only one aspect of building a brand. As you build your brand, your logo will begin to hold more power and more meaning along the way. At the end of the day, you’ll be judged by the product of your products and services and not so much on your logo design. On that note, build a business that’s worth writing home about and your logo will always bring a pleasant feeling.

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