Almost every business owner’s dream is to build a business that will stand as a legacy and last for decades beyond them. In this generation which is filled with consumers with short attention spans, it can be challenging to create a product that will last for years to come. However, with the right formula you stand a chance of breaking records like the famous Levi brand has. Commanding the highest share of the global jeans market, their fiscal 2014 revenue increased 2 percent over the previous year to $4.68 billion. The Levi Strauss brand was born in the 1873 through the legend himself Levi Strauss. They began by selling built-to-last pants to miners during the California gold rush. Demand spread across the nation and Levi’s became the clothing of choice for the working class. The brand has had its ups and downs but has managed to stay afloat and thrive in their sector nevertheless. Here are a few reasons we think they’ve done so well over the past few years.

They’re authentic

Authenticity has become a buzz word amongst brands and there’s definitely a reason for it. People connect better with products they feel are true, trustworthy and reliable and Levi’s have been certain to be just that. Authenticity, ABI’s analysts observe, helps fuel success in today’s markets as consumers search for greater meaning and sincerity from the brands they choose. Aside from the fact that their products are made to last, all of their products are attached to a story inspired by brand sentiments. Levi’s CMO Jennifer Sey stated that “As a brand that’s been around for more than 160 years, we have clothed a lot of people and been a part of many great, pivotal storytelling moments.” This contributes to the authentic brand we have grown to know and love till today.

Remained Hip

Levi has always found a way of resonating with different groups of people, especially the young and the hip. During the midcentury deindustrialization period, the company’s denim became popular among rebellious youth subcultures filled with groups such as greasers and hippies. They’ve been able to survive in the evolving jean world due to their ability to engage in it thorough market research. They test products with different retailers and use the feedback to amend fits, washes and fashion elements. This enables them to stay current, relevant and ‘hip’ while remaining authentic to the Levi brand which is when they’re at their best.

Emotional connection

An emotional connection is the key to winning the hearts of consumers as we are emotional and not robotic beings. Levi seldom sells their products but instead sell their history and brand story and thread this through each one of their products. In this respect they’re able to reach consumers by connecting with them on the basis of things that they are familiar with and that matter to them. They focus on the sentiment behind the products as opposed to the product itself.

Levi Strauss has many years of experience under its belt as well as good quality products with a rich history of creating something for a class of people that could last for many years to come. If you want to create a brand that will last, be futuristic in your thinking and focus on variables that never change; real connections with real people.


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