How to Concentrate in a World Filled With Social Media Distractions

You can talk to multiple people multiple times a day from multiple places in the world seamlessly at any hour of the day. This fact is both fascinating and overwhelming. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have autonomy over your time which means you can call the shots when it comes to working hours. This also means there is nobody monitoring your every move leaving you more vulnerable to the greatest distraction of the 21st century- social media. These multifaceted platforms can either be a goldmine and a key to success, or work to your detriment and make you totally unproductive. It is important that you maximize your productivity and not spend too much time liking pictures, laughing at memes, and poke-nosing in gossip blogs. Here are a few recommendations on how to discipline yourself.

This article is going to be filled with common knowledge that you need to be reminded of on a daily basis because you’re human and you’re distractible.


  1. When Doing a Task DO NOT Check Your Phone

It is so tempting to want to check whose posted a new pic and what the drama queen on your timeline is announcing for the day when your mind wanders in the middle of a task but don’t do it! That one minute of checking your phone will easily turn into an hour of faffing around. Put your phone in another room or put it on airplane mode until you complete the task. You can also try turning your notifications off if you’re an iPhone user!

  1. Include Social Media in Your Break Times

I know it seems to suck away all the fun when you start scheduling social media times but it really is a good idea. Integrate your social media breaks into your work breaks whether that be during your meal times or your allocated time to faff around. During these periods you can indulge for as long as you’ve given yourself, but no time in-between breaks should you be scrolling!

  1. Practice Having Time Away From Your Phone

If you and your phone seemingly have a magnetic attraction to one another, try having periods where you’re not allowed to interact with your phone at all. It helps to reduce your dependency on it and you’ll also find that you forget about it all together for some time and are able to focus on more pressing matters.

  1. Stick to the plan! 

We can give you all of the tips in the world but if you don’t apply them to your daily life and stick to whatever structures you’ve put in place, you’re going to be a social media addict while more disciplined folks are collecting awards and counting money. Ah yes, you’ll also be busy liking and commenting on the pics they post of their success online.


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