Every fashion entrepreneur’s dream must be to have their brand featured in the likes of Vogue, and Elle, but the climb can often look frighteningly high. How do you get noticed amongst a crowd full of equally or even more talented people? There isn’t a clean cut answer but there are guidelines that you can follow to take you a step closer to attaining the heights you desire.


Set Your Targets

Create a list of our favourite blogs and write down key information about each of them. You’re going to need to include this information when sending out emails to show that you’re knowledgeable about the blog, what they do, what their primary focus is and how you fit into the scheme of things.

Prepare a Mini Portfolio

Prepare samples of your work or links to your work that you can attach to your proposal email to give an indication and feel of your brand. Include work that you feel will grab the prospects attention and also work that aligns with some of the brands that have already been publicized on their blog. Make sure your portfolio/samples are neatly arranged in a creative and professional way. Also, make it a note not to send every product/item/sample of your work you’ve ever created.

Compose a Pitch

Compose an email that briefly unveils what you’re proposing and what benefit it will be to them. Be sure to include;

-Information about the company

-Tell a short story about who your brand is and what you do

-Say why you think you would make a good feature on their blog and why they should recommend your products

-Your contact details


Ensure your email is short, concise, and professional yet peculiar. You’re going to need to stand out from the other hundreds of emails they receive on a daily basis. Make sure you check their blog to see if they have any specific requirements for people sending proposals.



Follow-up and stalk have two different meanings. A week or two after sending your email, follow-up to see if it’s been received if you never got a reply from your first email. If you don’t get a response a few weeks later try again! Avoid sending emails back to back as it can be quite a nuisance. No matter what, do not be dismayed, delay isn’t always denial.


Don’t shy away from reaching out to small and medium-sized blogs to begin with, in order to organically build your brand awareness. Being featured on popular blogs is an important step towards creating the brand awareness every business owner dreams of, but sometimes it may take time. Just keep giving it your best and doing what you do diligently, and one day Vogue will be sending you a proposal.

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