As I drove in Lagos traffic and wasted two house getting home instead of twenty minutes, my heart broke at the thought of how much of our lives are waste in senseless traffic. I then thought, what could we do to make that time better spent? If you care enough about your time, it can be redeemed by you doing more productive things than grumbling and scrolling through social media in traffic. Different rules apply for passengers and drivers, however there are some tips everyone can use!

Listen to Podcasts or Inspirational Messages

Traffic is the best time for you to listen to podcasts or inspirational messages because there is nothing distracting you. You’re stuck and you have nowhere to go, so why not use that time to do all of things you haven’t been able to get around to? Turn your social media notifications off and listen to something that will inspire and motivate you to continue working towards your goals. You can also listen to self- development or self-help messages and take notes while you’re at it.


Meditation is good for the mind body and soul, especially in a city as chaotic as Lagos. Take time to reflect on your day, think of positive things and unwind. This may be a little more challenging if you’re driving. Don’t concentrate yourself off the road if you’re driving, but in moments where you aren’t honking and swearing, relax your mind.

Catch up on Emails/Easy Admin Work

If you’re a passenger, carry a laptop or iPad around or use your phone to catch up on emails. If you have pending work, pop in your earphones and get busy. If you don’t have pending work catch up on reading and keep your mind active.


Write down your to-do-list for when you get home or for the next day of work. It will make getting home a relief as you’ll have far less to do. You can also do an assessment of how the day went and what you achieved and note down areas you could do better in the next day.

Catch up With Old Friends

The digital world and hectic schedules have made traditional means of communicating dwindle. You can actually take the time out to call and catch up with friends or family and find out how they’ve been. They will appreciate it, and it will make the journey home more pleasant.

Traffic is one of the most annoying things you can encounter, but with the right attitude and determination, you can turn anything around and make it work for your good.


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