If you’ve never been to Lagos, you can never fully understand what true chaos is. Chaos is leaving your house by 9:00am for a meeting at 11:00am and not getting there until 1:00pm because there was an imaginary cow in the middle of the road causing back logs of traffic. It is getting to the meeting and realsiing the people you’re there to meet haven’t even arrived yet. Chaos is trying to withdraw cash from 5 different ATM machines until one finally coughs up so mullah. It is getting home and realizing there will be no light for a week because your transformer blew. And then turning on your generator only to be greeted by cranking noises and no light because the engine oil is depleted. Shall I continue? I’ll just stop there.

The point of this post is not to reiterate the daily frustrations of your average Lagosian, but instead to tell you how to beat the odds so that no matter who the devil is using to waste your time every day, you still come out on top. Here are 5 useful tips we managed to whip up.

1.Plan your day!

Now I know many of you are rolling your eyes at this first point because Lagos is the most random city on the planet earth. No amount of planning can predict the daily random occurrences that will barge their way into your schedule. On this note, I will say don’t be rigid about it, but planning is still essential. Writing out the key things you need to do the night before will help you prioritize. If you know you have two meetings on the mainland in the same week, you may realize that scheduling them on the same day will save you time and stress. Do the important things FIRST and leave everything else until later.


2. Start Your Day as EARLY as possible

Every entrepreneur loves a lazy lay in, but in Lagos that could cost you half a day of productivity. The difference between leaving the house at 6:00AM and 6:10AM is major. If you have meetings and site visits, try your best to work your way around traffic although it’s unpredictable. Finish all essential paper/admin work in the morning so that if you happen to be stuck on the road later in the day, you aren’t missing deadlines and other tasks that require your full attention.

  1. Ensure everything is up to date with your power supply

For those who spend a lot of time working from home, power supply is essential. There is nothing as crazy as having a major deadline and having your generator knock the same day. Ensure you’re stocked up on engine oil, petrol (a safe amount to store at home of course) and the gen is regularly serviced.

  1. Keep socializing to a minimum

Lagos has managed to perfectly master lacing business with pleasure. Just about every meeting is at a restaurant or bar and involves some sort of social activity. Unfortunately this also leaves room for unnecessary distraction as you’re likely to decide to go and link David since you’re in the area, and then drop in to see Maria since that’s also a stone throw away. Over socializing in real time and digitally is a huge time killer so stay focused and leave socializing for your spare time.

We want you to win. Having a productive day leads you a step closer to achieving your goals and dreams. You can beat the odds in the hustle and bustle city if you organize yourself and remain one step ahead!


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