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You wake up this morning to a feeling of lethargy, you wipe off the overcast on your bedroom window, only to be welcomed by belligerent fog. Your taste buds are pretty much inhospitable to everything that will do your body good and you are already tired before the day even begins.

You seem to know what your soul needs at the moment albeit you are finding it difficult to place what exactly it is. The cold you feel is not the subtle entry of the harmattan season, neither is it the end of the year hysteria. It’s the BOOST air. Yes, Mente De Moda Boost mien.

The body and soul this season needs some form of ministration- what you want to do is take yourself out on a date, just you, not your friends, nor your colleagues, not even your kids… okay, maybe you can bring them too or forward this message to their emails too, what’s some fun without some folks?

For us here at the core, It’s excitement all the way as we tighten up loose ends for the November Edition of Mente De Moda event, the ultimate shopping experience is only a few days away. So what in the Queen’s name are you still waiting for? Gear up, make plans, make a shopping list based on your needs, and show up, we mean you show up, those deals will not grab themselves now will they?

Why is it important to create a shopping list?


Having a shopping list eradicates time wasting.  Actually, we do not believe that time spent at Mente De Moda’s Boost event is wasted at all. As a matter of fact, we believe strongly that every second spent is worth it. We also doubt that you will notice how time rolls by so quickly because you will be carried away by the ambience of good food, music, and shopping gratification.


It is also important to create a shopping list for organization sake as you are more relaxed following a list rather than bothering about what you have in passable supply which stresses you out more. You want to gallivant through the market in a way that connotes purposefulness, we don’t  want you appearing as though you are adrift now do we?


We look forward to having you storm the event as though you created because the truth is – you actually did create it.

See you soon


Warm Regards,

Mente De Moda

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