The question of whether Mente De Moda’s events are what they are portrayed to be; the ultimate shopping experience should be nonexistent . The results and testimonials are overwhelmingly impressive. The real question is why certain Individuals will not leverage on the opportunity the events offer to get what they need, SMEs and shoppers alike. Attendees of the precursory editions have without a doubt benefited in ways that words will fail to describe.

Who else is as excited as we are at the news of another Mente De Moda Event? It is the June edition and will be happening live on Sunday, 2nd June 2019. JuneBug promises to be better than anything you have ever experienced. Since we have come to terms and are on the same page on how amazing Easter Bazaar was, we can expect that the June edition of Mente De Moda will leave every attendee much more elated than the last event, because it only gets better. The event is sure to be packed with loads of fun – from fashion to food, music live performances etc.

Like an éclair, there is usually something in every event for everyone, whether it is butter, milk or chocolate. So, make a move right this minute, whether you are an SME seeking a big break for your business and trying to increase your reach or you are just a great individual who loves great deals. Bookings on standard stalls are now open and are selling fast. Visit the website to book a stall. There actually is a 20% discount on all stall bookings now, so hurry now to juice the moment.

We are committed to giving you the best at JuneBug, so stay connected. We promise to keep you updated on the developments as it relates to the event.  You mean so much to us.

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