Have you ever heard the saying that it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it it? We will not argue that some things are extremely hideous, but majority of the time it’s about the person who wears it. Does it fit them? Do they look comfortable? Do they look attractive? Does how they wear it inspire you to want to rock it too? These are all subconscious questions and answers that race through our minds when we see people express their style on a daily basis. When picking models to showcase your products, it is imperative that after the prospective model wears your product, people are able to ask the aforementioned questions and answer with a resounding yes. Amongst many more, we have selected four important things to look out for during your selection process.


Before inviting someone over for a potential interview, it’s worth having a look through their portfolio which any professional model should already have on ground. This will give you an indication of past work done, how they look in professional pictures, how diverse the work they’ve done is before and if they’ve actually got what it takes.


A model’s confidence is key to their delivery. Whether you’re using them for a runway show, magazine shoot, or website photos, they’ve got to sell the product. This means they’re going to have to own whatever it is they’re selling and look natural while doing it.


How a model carries themselves will tell you a lot about the sort of work they will churn out. Pay attention to how they sit, communicate, and interact. They don’t have to be over the top elegant, edgy is fine. Just look out for a balance of all the right qualities including a good attitude as you need someone who will easily cooperate and is flexible.


Know the look you’re going for and assess whether the model will be able to pull that look off. Don’t worry, they don’t have to look like a rock star when you first meet them, but ensure they’re able to transform into one and look as well as play the part.

Picking models isn’t something to be blasé about, it is something that should be done meticulously. A good model will bring your product to life, while one poorly fit for your brand will make your product look unattractive which will affect your branding and sales. You don’t have to go out and spend all of your money on a Naomi Campbell, but make sure you look for someone who had the same talent she did when she first began.

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