American businesswoman, Founder, and CEO at Zuckerberg media Randi Zuckerberg on why a lot of businesses find it arduous to create a successful business that is sustainable in the 21st century says ‘’In my travels around the world I get asked questions about what it takes to grow a successful business. I always start with having a strong, clear MISSION. Not only do I believe you must have a strong mission on paper, but I believe you must also LIVE IT EVERY DAY’.

As apt as Randi’s description of what the ideal business desiring success should look like, it goes beyond the façade of merely writing down a bunch of words; those are easy to dream up. Lip service mission statements according to Randi make the businessman and others feel good, but in actuality, results are obtained from the way we live our lives and not in just inking down a mission statement. Getting things done simply because someone asked us to or for the sake of doing them is quite easy. Talking the talk is the easy part. To become more successful, you will have to convert your words to work and walk your talk.

Former Director of Market Development and Spokeswoman for Facebook does not think that the replies she gets from entrepreneurs around the world when she asks to know their mission is apt.   She says they are quite vague about their mission or the mission of their business. They want “to be more successful”, “to make more money”, and double the value of their company. In themselves these goals are worthwhile, but they are not missions. Business owners need to probe themselves deeper on WHY they want those things and what they will do with the money, in what ways will the growth of their business have an impact on the world around them. These answers are the mission.

Ideally, your mission statement has to be accurate, not clever or catchy. It has to be communicated to the employees clearly and not the customers. Necessarily, it has to be periodically reviewed and revised to ensure that it precisely shows your goals even as the business and economic climate evolves. To ensure that you are on track, just ask yourself if the statement still correctly describes what you are doing right now.

Your mission statement should reflect every aspect of your business, including the range and nature of products you offer, its quality, pricing, marketplace stand, growth potential, use of technology, and relationship with your employees, suppliers, competitors, customers, and community (in no particular order).

She advises that if employees want to see the best of these workers, it starts with creating a mission that is both clear and strong. According to a certain survey, 94% of workers in that study prefer to use their skills for a cause that they believe in. A Commitment to the mission will help in decision making. It helps one know who to hire, who to partner with, and especially who will be attracted to you for your services. Quite simply, having a strong mission is good for business.

Randi says her mission is to give more access and opportunity to entrepreneurs who haven’t had a seat at the table before. She wants women and girls to be seen as leaders and have opportunities in STEM. She wants to change the world one entrepreneur at a time. In her words ‘’This mission is why I invest in the businesses I invest in, write the books I write, and why I started the Zuckerberg Institute. All of these line up with my mission and give me the opportunity to ‘walk my talk’, every day’’.

So, what is your mission, what drives you and your business? Clearly state that today and walk your talk.

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