If your website has been showing the same stale and static content for months, it’s time to clear the dust off and get it working because you’re in the age of SEO. If your website isn’t ranking high in search engines, you could be losing out on tons of prospective customers and clients. Here are a few reasons why SEO is still important for small businesses in 2017.

-It’s cost effective and has a fairly good return on investment

-Apparently between 80-90% of people check reviews online before making purchases. This means you need to be visible in order to be found

-There’s a surge in mobile bandwidth which means more people will be searching for places an products on the go

-a growing content profile is one of the things Google evaluates when looking at your site

These points show that all roads lead to building your online presence and search engine optimization. The primary way to do this is by churning out a healthy amount of content.


Update Content Regularly

Posting content on your site once a month isn’t a good idea. It also won’t get you closer to your SEO goals. Your website should be active, lively and up-to ate with relevant article topics and news relating to the industry you’re in. having regular traffic will help you build a community and make it easier to get your products and services across.

Get in-House Writers

If you can afford it, it’s worth hiring a few people who can create regular content for you, if you’re on a budget, try hiring keen students who need a little experience and some extra money. Having in-house writers will ensure you have fresh content on a daily basis and your website doesn’t develop cobwebs.

Feature Other Relevant Content

Although Google favours original content, if you can’t seem to find the time or resources to create fresh content, feature content from other writers or site. Please note that this doesn’t mean you should plagarise by taking peoples work and putting it across as your own. Ensure you refer to where you got the article and who wrote it, and if possible ask permission before posting it on your site.

Get Feature Writers

Look for up-coming writers who are looking for a platform to show off their skills or share their work. They may have an idea for a column that relates to what your business does directly or indirectly. Decide on how many posts related to the agreed topic they will submit monthly and get going. You both get something out of the deal as they get a platform, and you get content.

Making sure your website has a consistent flow of content ensures you have content to post on social media which can also be pushed through advertising. This will ultimately drive more traffic to your site and create more brand visibility. SEO is not dead and your website shouldn’t be static. Invest in making sure you have a healthy portfolio of content flowing through the busy online world.

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