Bad employees are bad for business. They can make you lose time, money and your sanity if they’re good enough at being bad. It is therefore imperative that you take your time to hire somebody who’s not only good on paper, but who can deliver. Whether good or bad, employees are investments so it’s in your best interest to ensure that there’ll be a return. Here are a few questions you should be able to answer before hiring.


How long has the potential employee worked at previous jobs? This will show you their level of commitment or if they seem to jump from one opportunity to another.


What do his/her references have to say? References are an excellent tool to use to get indications on the individual’s character as well as strengths and weaknesses. Make use of them!


How competent is your potential employee? Does the person have a reasonable amount of knowledge in the area that they’ve applied for? Ensure you give them hypothetical scenarios during an interview and see how they can apply the knowledge they have to real life situations.


Do they work well with people? Some people are excellent workers independently, but become disasters when they have to work in groups. See how well they interact with others and participate in team work.


Have you asked around? A little like dating, you always feel safer dating someone who knows a friend of a friend than dating a total stranger. Ask friends, send a broadcast, ask on social media and you are more likely to get stronger candidates.


Have you gone through a thorough enough interview process? Three stage or more interviews have a way of weeding out all of the weaker links so it is something you should seriously consider before you hire someone. Test all areas of competency, with the work they’ll be doing if possible, and ensure they’re the right fir for you. It’s better to put them through a daunting interview process than be quick to hire and quick to fire.


A successful business isn’t built over night, but it is built by being intentional and making well-thought out decisions today that will make tomorrow better. We hope these are helpful and of course, happy employee hunting!

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