Cracked lips, red and teary eyes, soreness of the throat, runny nose, pale body parts, and mild dehydration are most likely not strangers to you. Particularly because of the grand entry of the Harmattan season and its lacklustre stamp. You are also sure to lose the suppleness and radiance of your skin during this season.

We’d love that you are at your best and free from all the appearances of sickness that accompany the season, chief of which will be cold and flu. The cold and flu will not spare anyone within its catchment- the young and the old. This guide, however, is designed to make you invincible to the attacks of the unfriendly weather.

It is important to know how best to protect yourself from the effect of suspended dust, fog and haziness of the atmosphere. These tips can help you stay healthy throughout the Harmattan season.

Wear the right outfit

You may have to keep that your favourite tank top from December till late February. This is not the time to show off some good skin. You want to wear clothes that actually cover your vitals and keep a cough and cold away. Face masks and damp face towels help you breathe moist air rather than dry ones. A pair of gloves, covered shoes as well as thick and heat absorbing clothes are also as important.

Stay sufficiently Hydrated   

One item that you ought to carry everywhere this season is a good water bottle. It is advisable to heighten the amount of fluid that goes into your body now to reduce dehydration caused by the dryness of the atmosphere. Water also allows for free flow of mucus. You should try reducing the number of cold beverages you consume at this time, warm liquid like tea, coffee or cereal meals keep your body cold-resistant.



Fortify your body with fruits and vegetables.

This is not the time to skip meals that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables have high vitamin content that helps strengthen your immune system against a chronic cough and cold-related sicknesses. Most fruits and vegetables also have a high water content that keep you adequately hydrated throughout the day during the dry season.



Good moisturizers are a great remedy for cracked skin and lips that people suffer during the dry season. Good body moisturizers are easily absorbable and strengthen the hydration of the skin. Shea-butter, olive oil, creams with milk content and vaseline are an ideal substitution for your usual lotion. You will also notice that your body quickly absorbs your moisturizers, just ensure you keep moisturizing your skin and lips as often as you can, you can carry moisturizers and lip balms in small and handy containers.


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