‘’Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination’’

Oscar Wilde

We hope that this quote by 19th-century Irish poet nudges you in the right direction this year; to dream bigger than your circumstance and break the barriers that have boxed you up from achieving those great goals you have set for yourself. In this new year, you do not want to think small. You want to travel farther than you did in the year 2018.

Predictions have gone ahead about resolutions by pundits. A lot of them claim that scientifically, most new year resolutions will fail on or before Thursday 18th January. According to Strava, an online platform for athletes that monitors and tracks running and bike rides, examined over 108 million entries in the U.S and found out that Thursday is when a lot of Americans will bail out on fitness resolutions. But the truth still remains that quite a decent number of these resolutions still make it past this prediction date.  Research has it that the category of people who achieve their desired goals are people who –

  • Set attainable goals – that is, goals that are specific, actionable and within an achievable time frame
  • Get support from friends and family members about their clearly written goals. Want you want to do here is to clearly write down your goals and paste them around your home so everyone can see what you are set to achieve in the course of the year. Once this is done, all your senses come alive and because you know everyone is watching you, you become more disciplined and laser-focused to achieving set goals.
  • Are accountable to themselves and people. Make sure you have at least 2 people that you can always give feedback to; you are accountable to these individuals.
  • Track progress and celebrate victories.
  • Break their plan for the year into daily and weekly goals. It is a lot easier when you you’re your bigger goals broken down into daily and weekly goals. This way you know exactly the level of progress that you have made at each point in time.

You want to check the list above as you go through the year setting and breaking records all the way.

According to Oscar Wilde, do not limit your living standards through your low state of imagination. What this means is this; if your dream is too big for your mind than it is perhaps too big for your hand. So dream big this year and aggressively chase after the realisation of them because there is no such thing as ‘’too big’’ or ‘’too small’’.

We wish you a most productive 2019, filled with a list of achievements and awards.

Warm Regards,

From all of us at the Mente De Moda Team.

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