As a continuation of their tour of Africa, the royal couple, prince Charles of Wales and wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall arrived at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport on Tuesday, 6thNovember 2018 at 1.10 pm. The Royal couple began their tour of West Africa on the 31stof October 2018 in Gambia, after which they visited Ghana and ended their trip on a 3-Day visit to Nigeria.

The heir apparent to the British throne, Prince Charles of Wales last visited the country 12 years ago when he was 57 years old without his wife at the time. His visit to Nigeria this time takes on a different trajectory as the aim of these tours particularly to the West African Region of the Continent is in preparation of the execution of Britain’s Brexit plan and to celebrate her dynamic and progressive partnerships with common wealth nations.

P.S- Brexit is short for Britain Exit, and it is a term for the hypothetical departure of Britain from the EU

We could almost have predicted a complete distortion and complication of the regular and already stressful traffic routine- reason being that the routes around the Naval Dockyard was at an absolute halt as the prince touched down in Lagos amid a very tight security detail, He was received by Mrs. Idiat Adebule, Deputy Governor of Lagos state, officials of the United Kingdom Consulate and security chiefs after which he returned to the Federal Capital Territory.

The Monarch also visited the Nigerian Navy at the Naval Dockyard in Victoria Island, where he was decoratively received by the chief of Naval Staff, Vice Adm. Ibok-Ete- Ibas. He toured the Lagos state waters on the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) EKULU.

Important issues like the real reason the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla and the reason why the Prince had his trip to Jos terminated by security operatives have been swept under the carpet and left obvious speculations in the minds of the host citizens.
Like- Did HRH, Duchess Camilla actually leave earlier because she understood the risks involved in making the Jos visit or could it also be genuinely because of her inability to make long travels at her age as the BBC reported? Either way, the Prince’s plan to visit the city of Jos in Plateau State and speak to locals about their livelihood was thwarted. But the truth that the Prince with all the security detail and protection available to him could not visit the City of Jos for fear of his life being truncated poses an already visible issue; Insurgency that has been under-addressed for a season, among other matters that need urgent attention.


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