They say money answereth all things and that is one of the greatest truths ever spoken. For those of us who aren’t in the tiny percentage of the world’s wealthiest, money management is a daily struggle for us seeing as we never seem to have enough. Since we work so hard for our money, the impulse to reward ourselves with momentary pleasures is hard to resist. This however isn’t the best idea if financial freedom is one of your goals. Get a pen and a piece of paper, or make a mental note of some of these helpful tips that will have you on your way to financial discipline.


Give yourself a budget

It might seem like a tedious task, but setting yourself a weekly spending budget is extremely important. Before you can set yourself a weekly budget, you’ve got to know how much your weekly expenses are, and subtract it from your overall monthly income. Once you do that, you can give yourself a reasonable budget, but that is of course after you’ve put aside some to save!


Make your money harder to access

When I lost one of my ATM cards, I realized it was an opportunity to use that account to save because going into the bank to withdraw money is ALWAYS a hassle. It made me strict about the amount I was going to take out and spend weekly, because going to the bank more than once a week was just out of the question. Put your money somewhere that will be difficult for you to access. Easy access makes for easy withdrawals.


Turn off all notifications that may tempt you to impulse buy

My worst enemies come in the form of emails about sales, social media ads, and pop ups on websites. It might help to unsubscribe from notifications your favourite clothing stores and restaurants to avoid unnecessary temptation. Sometimes out of sight is out of mind. Guard your pockets with all diligence.


Read your financial goals out every morning

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What are your financial goals? What are you saving for? Is it for a holiday or to embark on a new investment? Whatever the case is, there’s no better motivation than a constant reminder of your goals. Put a picture on your wall or read them out every day. It will help when you’re tempted to spend outside of your budget.

Sticking to the plan is always the best way to achieve your financial goals. You know your weaknesses better than anyone else, so find a way to discipline yourself into a weekly budget.

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