Without a shadow of a doubt, you’ve knowingly or unknowingly come across a social media campaign while scrolling through your timeline. It probably consisted of a hashtag, giveaways and something to either extremely excite you or make you soppy and teary eyed. Most of us follow at least one brand online, whether it’s because we find them really interesting, we love their products, or we love what they stand for.

Social media campaigns are typically used for different reasons. Some of the most common reasons include expanding their online community, launching a new product, creating more brand awareness, or to better engage with customers. Whatever the reason, the most successful social media campaigns have been interesting enough to make people participate and memorable enough to remain in the mind of consumers.


Fashion brands have an advantage because they can utilize the visual aspect of social media through the use of images and videos showcasing their products. This means if you’re a fashion brand you should be very active on social media and a campaign should be at the top of your to-do list.


Here are a few tips we’ve put together on running a successful campaign online.


Create a strategy


A strategy is needed as a map or a guideline. It should outline Who, What, Where, How, and Why you’re doing a campaign and will come in handy when you get the final stage of analyzing the success of your activities. Your strategy should include campaign goals, the social media platforms you will be making use of, how you intend on reaching your target audience, what tools you’ll use to create visibility, how you’ll get your audience to participate and much more. You can find templates that will help you pen down your strategy online.


Be creative


Although marketing will play a large role in your campaign’s success, you’ve got to ensure your campaign is interesting to your target audience. Decide what emotions you want to capitalize on and build your campaign around evoking those emotions to the best of your abilities. Research some of the best social media campaigns online and also find inspiration from some of your favourite brands. Put yourself in the mind of the consumer for a second and ask ‘is this something I’d be interested in participating in?’.


Be human

Nobody is interested in a brand with no emotions. Come up with something that identifies with the everyday joys, successes, failures, struggles and needs of your target audience. Creating a connection between the brand and the consumer is key.



Make sure it’s measurable

If you can’t measure the success of your campaign it is safe to say it may have been a waste of time. Find metrics that you can use to check things like how many new followers you’ve acquired, how many people engaged and also how that may have directly or indirectly affected the sales of your product.

Whether you’ve realized or not, social media has taken over, so if you want to survive as a brand, you’ve really got to stand out of the crowd and meet your potential and current consumers where they are.

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