The weather in Lagos has been weird to say the least, we are talking about going from intense rain to intense heat and then dust for less than two weeks and now its mid temp mostly, what does that translate to as regards outer wear for events such as Mente de Moda.

SOCKS AND SNEAKERS: You can never go wrong with this fairly simple combo which has slowly become a classic amongst trendy fiends. Not only will it protect you from little insects that lurk in sandy plus grassy areas such as the exhibition grounds but socks also help in preserving the freshness of your sneaks’ , yes we are looking out for you.
WHERE THERE’S MENTE THERE’S SUN : Get ready for sun, lots of it, the weather might be shifting but our ever so friendly Naija sun is in no mood to shift, with temperatures during the day time averaging at 29degreesC coming prepared is never a bad idea.
HAT GAME: speaking of sun, where is your had heat without some head protective gear, yes we have a variety of vendors providing head gear solutions, but its important to note the kind of hat that fits your head type, i find that curved brim snapbacks work best on most head types.
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