Unless you’re a celebrity chef and the kitchen is your home, you’re going to need a chef or multiple chefs to operate your food business. Looking for a chef isn’t the same as looking for a secretary, so you’re going to have to ask some very specific questions about your candidate before hiring. Here are some you might want to ponder on while going through the recruitment process.

Can They Cook?

This is an obvious one, but your chef needs to know how to cook. We are aware that everyone’s taste buds are different, however their food must appeal to the majority to avoid bad reviews and a unanimous cry of displeasure from customers. Taste a variety of their dishes and check their resume. To avoid bias, have several others taste it as part of an interview process.


Are They Creative?

A chef needs to be creative in his meal preparation and open to experimenting. They should be able to cook basic things as well as venture out to add a personal touch to traditional dishes. Creativity will also be needed in the presentation of the dishes if you’re going for gourmet.

Are They Good With Time Management?

You don’t want the rice over-cooking or the bread burning. Your chef needs to be good at managing time and using it to his advantage.

Can They Multi-task

Carrying on from the last point, time-management skills and multi-tasking work hand in hand. The worst thing you can have is food that comes late. No we take that back, the worst thing that can happen is food coming late, and then it being partially or fully cold. He has to be able to prepare multiple elements of the meal in a timely manner so it’s all served at the right temperature and delivered to hungry customers on time.

Do They Have Enough Experience?

Unfortunately hiring a novice chef isn’t the best idea. Food isn’t something you want to experiment with, and people don’t easily forget a bad food experience. They’re also often very keen on sharing these bad experiences. Even if the chef isn’t top of the range they should at least prepare food of a high enough standard. If you hire them as a good chef, the next level can only be for them to become a great chef.

Do They Have Problem-solving Skills?

Many things can go wrong in the kitchen, from adding the wrong ingredients, to under seasoning, to burnt food and the list goes on. You need a chef that can quickly improvise without compromising quality. This means he will need to have great decision making skills and acquire the ability to work well under pressure.

Chefs are the heart of your business if you’re in the food industry. The type of chef you hire is therefore either going to be a miracle or disaster for your business, so choose wisely.

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