Marketing strategies are drastically changing, especially now that the internet is a core part of our daily lives. It has become more difficult to capture your target audience’s attention which is the primary objective of marketing. Seeing as people no longer buy products, but are rather more sold by brand personalities, using influencers is a great way to capture your target audience. For those who have no clue what influencer marketing is, it’s a form of marketing that hinges on building relationships with celebrities or bloggers who can create visibility for your product or service. Building an audience organically takes time, however using influencers can help speed up the process. You get access to an audience you may not have been able to access on your own and could potentially gain new converts. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing influencers for your brand.


1.Ensure they have influence

Having tons of followers and having influence are two very different things. Look for someone who has their audience’s trust and respect and who seems to have a genuine relationship with their followers. It is only these kind of influencers who have an audience who values their opinion and the information they share who will give you the kind of results you hope for.

2.Ensure they are a brand fit

Picking an influencer just because they have influence isn’t actually enough to make maximum impact. Find an influencer that fits in with your niche and also has the right tone and shares similar values to your business. If your brand is conservative and serious there is no use of choosing an influencer who is loud, boisterous, opinionated and borderline rock star.

3.Ensure they have the right audience

If you target a beauty blogger and you sell auto parts, it’s very likely that you will be targeting the wrong audience. Make sure their audience is similar to your target audience to ensure the message is passed across to the right set of people.

You may need a different influencer for different platforms, but pick an influencer who has influence within each sphere. Good and effective influencer marketing should be woven into the influencers content in a way that their audience can’t even tell its marketing, People have become very put off by advertisements, so if they smell an ad you will most likely lose their attention. Forms of influencer marketing include;

-Guest blog post


-Product placement

-Product review


You don’t always end up having to pay influencers for their services if you propose a good partnership deal and build a good relationship, however the work they do and influence they make shouldn’t be taken lightly.


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