Most of us grew up playing some form of games whether they were physical, or games that you made up with your siblings and friends. They served many purposes which included breaking the ice, laughter, bonding, and spending quality time with loved ones. Our Vendor Spotlight feature this week is with an SME that have tapped into the positive impact of games at events as well as its money making potentials. We caught up with Games@Events and learnt more about their business as well as some other interesting things.

MDM: Why games?

G@E: Games are an integral aspect of recreation and entertainment

MDM: How did you come about the idea?

G@E: The fact that only kids had things to do at parties (inflatables and game activities) so they have all the fun most times leaving the adults with nothing to keep them excited. Out of this realisation, the concept was conceived and it later progressed to team bonding games.

MDM: Was it capital intensive to start?

G@E: Of course it was, but we started gradually with one snooker and table tennis. Later on, air hockey joined and other games were included.

MDM: What is your favorite game of all times?

G@E: Snooker

MDM: How are you managing work-life balance?

G@E: Well you can’t get enough fun and in our line of business. Fun inspires creative and innovative ideas which help develop the next potential game idea. Work is fun which makes life exciting.

MDM: Describe yourself in three words

G@E: Fun- loving, enterprising and energetic.

MDM: What can we find you doing on the weekend?

G@E: Most of our events come weekends and public holidays, so if I’m not working, making out time with family if there isn’t any business to attend to

MDM: Where do you see your brand 20 years from now?

G@E: 20 years is quite some time from now but we would like to be the No1 outdoor gaming and team bonding company providers in the world.

MDM: Can you remember your first client?

G@E: Our first major client was Tayo Balogun, my partner now. It was an Airtel Padi Party event in December 2014

MDM: Name some businesses that you admire and why

G@E: Events Servicing related businesses, reason being that Nigerians are fun people and I guess that makes us some of the happiest people in the world. The events business is worth billions of Naira which shows that people spend a lot to have fun and be happy in the end.

MDM: What have you learnt from partnerships in business?

G@E: Partnership is a vehicle that drives the speedy success of any business. They say two heads are better than one which is true when you are partnering with a business with goodwill or someone who comes in with great zeal to succeed passion, strategy, and foresight.

MDM: What do you love the most about Mente de Moda?

G@E: They are an innovative company and we are happy to work with them.

MDM: Tell us your life mantra

G@E: Whatever will be will be

MDM: What is the last book you read?

G@E: Like a Virgin by Richard Branson

MDM: Social media handles, website, contact details?


Social Media: Twitter and IG@gamesatevents


Mobile: 08133689529, 08137994920


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