Some say art is a dying form of expression, on the African continent we like to believe an inadequate database system and yet growing platforms for artists is to blame for this oversight as art has never been more ripe to pluck from the tree of modernization than now in an era of young artists who aren’t afraid to shatter boundaries in their own unique form.

One of such young artists utilizing a very unique style is Tope Soares creative head at the Jessica Soares Art Brand, her canvas is leather, denim, plastic and many everyday fashion items, she encourages clients who have old fashion items looking for that spark to give it that edgy trendy feel again or just clients looking to customize new season fashion items.

We caught up with her to give us an insight about her wonderful brand.


MDM: Why did you pick this business out of the thousands of businesses you could have done?

JS: I have loved art right from when I was a child, I started off from tracing papers and story books and from there I knew what I wanted to become. ArtS and fashion have always been a thing for me and overtime as the world keeps progressing people are starting to love art and this just fuels my passion the more and keeps me pushing to make a name for myself in this business and make people see the world through my eyes.

MDM: Was it capital intensive to start?

JS: No it wasn’t, capital needed wasn’t so overboard


.MDM: How many staff do you have and what was the process of recruitment like?

JS: I don’t have any staff for now,I do all presently but over time when I expand the business I will get more hands.

MDM: What are your core values as a business?

JS: The core values of the business is consistency of the business being able to inspire people and be creative and just doing good for the whole

 MDM: What do you want the Jessica Soares legacy to be?

 JS: I just want my art to be passed on to generations and stand the test of time to be part of history.

MDM: What hobbies outside of this keep you sane?

JS: I love watching cartoons a lot Disney Channel especially it keeps me sane a lot

MDM: Where can people locate your business?

JS: my biggest mistake was procrastination, waiting to have a huge capital

MDM: What were some mistakes that you made when starting your business that other people could look out for?

JS: we currently don’t have a store,but we do pick ups and delivery and also items can be viewed on instagram.

MDM: What motivational Song gets you through stressful days at the moment?

JS: I love electronic songs, house and the weeknd.

MDM: What’s your advice for anybody who wants to go into the arts industry?

JS: To just follow their passion practice practice and never give up on your dreams, be open minded and also thrive to be better.

MDM: What do you love the most about Mente de Moda?

JS: I like the fact that Mente de Moda brings buyers and sellers together, gives way for your business to grow positively, connects you with other possible opportunities and most importantly gives you better leverage at pitching your business to would be customers.

MDM: Tell us your life mantra

JS: Heads up heart open try try keep trying.

MDM: Social media handles, website, contact details?

JS: @jessicasoaresee, 08066933234,

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