For those with old souls and an increasing taste for vintage, this edition of Vendor Spotlight is for you. Even though all of us aren’t inclined to follow fashion trends rigorously, in one way or another fashion is a tool we use to express our moods and display our personalities. Soul orange Vintage is a brand owned by Chinedu Obiano and he’s done an amazing job breaking down what the brand stands for and who they are. He’s also included some useful tips for everyday living!



MDM: Why the name Soul Orange Vintage?

SOV: Soul Orange was actually flipped from ‘Orange Soul’. The soul is the core of a thing, the centre of one’s passions, emotions, inspirations and intellectual energies. We consider orange to be the color of depth, artistic expression and creativity; the color that best represents the ethos of our brand. So ‘Orange Soul’ just represents an individual or object that embodies these attributes which we believe in.


MDM: What’s your competitive edge?

SOV: Individuality; we offer quality, one-off, art pieces that cater to a niche loving market; wearable Art as we like to call it. We pride ourselves on being a homely brand with actual feelings, so that every sale isn’t just a sale but goes further to touch the heart of the customer and leave a long lasting impression.


MDM: What made you go into this industry?

SOV: My deep love for art, fashion, creativity and design. The need to introduce an alternative to mass produced, ‘normal’ clothing and create a source for expertly designed art pieces that would defy trend and stay classic through changing seasons.



MDM: Where are your products made? If not in Nigeria, why?

SOV: Our vintage pieces are sourced from all over the world but are certainly not made here. The pieces we stock generally date from between 1960-1980 and were mostly designed by individual designers and garment manufacturing factories in those eras. However, our ready to wear line is designed and produced here in Nigeria.


MDM: Was it capital intensive to start?

SOV: This is relative, we began over 4 years ago and started small. It did cost quite a lot to set up an adequate structure to begin with, but we grew as we went.


MDM: What is your secret for work life balance?

SOV: I de-stress; consistently. I constantly take out time to unwind after a long day. If I ever feel overwhelmed, I take a break and completely detach myself from work. I’ve learnt that my productivity depends on my ability to constantly withdraw and re-fuel myself.


MDM: What are your core values as a business?

SOV: Artistic Individuality. Honesty. Passion. Depth.


MDM: What do you want the Soul Orange Vintage legacy to be?

 SOV: That consistent, dependable brand that seamlessly combines a vintage and futuristic aesthetic to produce items which are artistic yet realistic.


MDM: What hobbies outside of this keep you sane?

 SOV: Music, Movies. Road trips. Artistic inspiration. Conversation.


MDM: Where can people purchase your products?

SOV: From our Instagram page @soulorangevintage and at our monthly exhibitions at Mente de Moda.


MDM: What were some mistakes that you made when starting your business that other people could look out for?

 SOV: Being in a hurry to outgrow what I eventually grew to realize was a necessary process for success as an entrepreneur.


MDM: If not Soul Orange Vintage, what else would you be doing?

 SOV: Something else that would allow me express my creativity; possibly creative branding and management.


MDM: Name some businesses that you admire and why


-@Tzarstudios-Brilliant curation and storytelling

-@Tatase_ -Artistic content and very precise creative aesthetic

-@Mizwanneka -Dogged business strategy, brand consistence and street savviness.


MDM: What song gets you through stressful days at the moment?

 SOV: Love you still-DJ Kent. Something just like this-Coldplay & The Chainsmokers


MDM: What’s your advice for anybody who wants to go into the same industry?

 SOV: Stay original, stand for something. Trust your process


MDM: What do you love the most about Mente de Moda?

 SOV: That it’s a strong, consistent platform that continually strives to offer a premium experience to its clients .I appreciate the urban, creative culture it has been able to establish and sustain over the years.


MDM: What is the last book you read?

 SOV: Battlefield of the mind-Joyce Meyer


MDM: Social media handles, website, contact details?

 SOV: IG -@soulorangevintage



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