Vendor Spotlight: The Lemonade Bar

On a hot sunny day, which is just about every day in Lagos, could there be anything more delightful than a cold glass of juicy lemonade? Don’t answer, because the answer is no. Fortunately and unfortunately, you’ve got to book an appointment to get a taste of this lemonade. Because girls run the world, the owner is of course a lovely female named Izoduwa Osunde and we caught up with her so that she could school us on her popping lemonade bar! Listen out for all of those who are interested in running a beverage business.

Disclaimer: Just so you’re not lost, MDM is short for Mente de Moda and TLB is short for The Lemonade Bar.

MDM: Why did you pick this business out of the thousands of businesses you could have done?

TLB: For the love of cocktails. I’ve always been fascinated by the art of mixology so starting the Lemonade Bar was a no brainer for me.


MDM: Was it capital intensive to start?

TLB: Normally it wouldn’t be, but at the lemonade bar, we are very particular about our brand/customer perception so we were more than happy to go the extra mile to perfect the physical appearance of the business; the mobile lemonade stand.

MDM: How many staff do you have and what was the process of recruitment like?

TLB: In December last year we started with one bartender but over the past three months we’ve been able to increase our staff strength by 2 (assistant bartender and waiter). Recruitment can be quite simple just as long as you know exactly what you’re looking for.

MDM: What are your core values as a business?

TLB: I would say originality and customer satisfaction.

MDM: What do you want the Lemonade Bar legacy to be?

TLB: I want the legacy of the lemonade bar to be our uncompromising attitude towards product perfection and customer satisfaction.

MDM: What hobbies outside of this keep you sane?

TLB: I love reading crime fiction and watching TV shows.

MDM: Where can people purchase your lemonade?

TLB: While we cater to all kinds of events such as weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. You can also catch us every month at Mente de Moda for a wonderful lemonade experience.

MDM: What were some mistakes that you made when starting your business that other people could look out for?

TLB: When I first started the Lemonade Bar, my main focus was on perfecting the product so this caused me to neglect another vital parts of every successful business which is marketing. Now I know that even revolutionary products don’t sell themselves.

MDM: What motivational Song gets you through stressful days at the moment?

TLB: On top of the world by IMAGINE DRAGONS

MDM: What’s your advice for anybody who wants to go into the beverage industry?

TLB: It’s very easy to get lost in this massive industry, so I think it’s important that you give yourself time to come up with something unique and exciting.

MDM: What do you love the most about Mente de Moda?

TLB:  What I love the most about Mente de Moda is its ability to attract a diverse crowd which is great for brand visibility.

MDM: Tell us your life mantra

TLB: “The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”

MDM: Social media handles, website, contact details?

TLB: IG: @thelemonadebarng Phone: 08182671957

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