We had the pleasure of sitting down with this young entrepreneur Miss. Aderike fatuga. She is the owner and founder of Everything Fanncy, and was a delight to behold. She started her business in 2019 and her instagram account is @everything_fanncy. Although she is still learning the tricks, dos and donts of the business, she is determined to grow and make it in this harsh Nigeria economy. it was our pleasure interviewing her, and we hope you enjoy this piece.

  1. why did you start this business in the first place? A. I have always been business minded, and I knew I wanted to nurture something and make it grow, and phone cases was it for me.
  2. Want inspires you? A. Me, I inspire myself
  3. What is your favorite mantra A. Fancy and functional
  4. Where do you see your brand in five (5) years? A. I see it expanding, and going into E commerce  and delving into everything fancy as my brand suggest..
  5. Any challenges so far as regards your brand? A. I don’t get good enough phone cases here in Nigeria, so I import them to sell. So for me it’s majorly importation. Its cost and the time frame it takes to get to Nigeria are exhausting. Just imagine a customer ordering for a specific phone case, and I don’t have it stocked, I have to order and wait days sometimes weeks before it comes in, I might lose that client because I wasn’t able to deliver promptly.
  6. What has been the highest point in your career?         A. That would be attending Mente De Moda today. I have heard about mente and the many opportunities it breeds, so I am really excited to be here.
  7. What do you think is the most important trait to have in this kind of business? A. Excellent customer service, because they are the most important in your business.
  8. What has been the lowest point in your career so far? A. When I started my business, my account got disabled and I had to start all over again, it was terrible.
  9. Do you have any regrets so far? A. No regrets what so ever.
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