We had the honor of having a sit down with the delightful Anuoluwapo  Adefioye owner of Scents by June. She started the business in the year 2018, and has been waxing strong ever since. This was her first time doing Mente De Moda, and she had this to say

  1. Why the name Scents by June?
  2. I picked the name, because it has a spiritual meaning. June means human, and human beings are who I produce for.


  1. Why did you start this business in the first place?
  2. I usually get questions about what perfume I use, and that was how I picked interest and started retailing for other brands. Along the line I decided I could make it a personal business but I needed to learn first, so I went on to learn aromatherapy and perfumery from Scents Academy AKA Perfume Madam and I learnt candling source in Ibadan.


  1. What is your inspiration?
  2. I am strong willed, and I rise every time I fall, even though it hasn’t been easy.


  1. What is your favorite Mantra?
  2. I rise every time I fall.


  1. Where do you see your brand in the next five (5) years?
  2. I see it going global, and having distributors all over. I am already making plans to achieve that as we speak.


  1. What has been the challenges doing this business so far?
  2. We get diluted oils in Nigeria, and buying outside Nigeria is very expensive, this is because the Nigeria Custom labels it as dangerous goods.


  1. What has been the highest point of your career?
  2. Delivering about a hundred (100) bottles of perfume to a customer, I couldn’t believe it when she said hundred (100), I still have goose bumps remembering that day.


  1. What do you think is the most important trait to possess in this kind of business?
  2. You have to be very sensitive and observant, because a drop can make or mare your product.


  1. What has been the lowest point of your career so far?
  2. I had to throw away ten (10) liters of oil because I mixed it with oil I didn’t know was bad. That day was a very sad day for me.


  1. Any regrets so far?
  2. I have no regrets, only that I wished I started earlier.


That is it on today’s edition of Mente De Moda vendor’s spotlight. Please follow scents by june on intagram for designer perfume oils. They deliver nationwide, and you can contact them by calling them on 09030390600, or on whatsapp 08069713665. #Support local retail today.

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