Business Name: TBW Kids N More
Business Type: Babies/Kids Fashion
Business Owner: Tobi Olatunji (Mrs)
Respondent: Tobi Olatunji

1.      Why are you in this type of business? I love when I see babies
and kids nicely dressed and kitted in lovely accessories. I love kids
and items that make them look gorgeous and fabulous.
2.      How did you get the idea or concept behind this business? My
passion and love for kids fashion items
3.      How many employees? The business is still young and I solely
operate it for now.
4.      How do you advertise your business? Basically online platforms:
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
5.      What is the focus of your business? To meet the needs of
customers when it comes to babies/kids fashion items. Who do you
consider your target
market? Parents of kids aged 0-12yrs
6.      Can you describe your customers? Everyone who is
interested/passionate about making their kids look good is my ideal
7.      Why do think your customers prefer your brand to others in your
of business? The customer service is top notch
8.      Can you provide me with a description of your business? I sell
babies/kids fashion items and accessories.
9.      How long have you been in this type of business or other
generally? I have been running the business for a year now
10.     What would you consider chief of the factors responsible for nudging

you into this line of business? Passion
11.     Where do you see your business in the next 5 years? A large
brand with a huge customer base locally and internationally
12.     Do you plan to compete in the global market? If Yes, why? If No,
not? Yes,  because competition is a huge part of business growth. If I
can compete with huge brands globally, it is a good indication that my
brand is growing and doing really well.
13.     What is the impact of technology on your business? Technology
has played a major role in the business through online advertisement.
14.     What is your biggest issues for running this business? Local
competition and increasing customer base especially on social media has
been sometimes challenging but it is all part of business growth. So we
are getting there gradually.

We had fun interviewing this lucrative entrepreneur, she is a delight in person, and handles her business effectively and with utmost professionalism. Check her out on instagram @tbw.kidsnmore, we promise you would not be disappointed.

if you would like to be featured on our next vendors spotlight, please send us a mail on we look forward to hearing from you.

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