Have you ever asked yourself what draws you to buy a food product you’ve never tried for the first time? Many of us will agree that the way that it’s presented plays a great role in your decision to buy or not to buy. On that note, if you’re in the food business, it’s a great idea to invest in getting a design that both adequately represents your product and grips the consumers’ attention. Here are a few designs that we found that made us look twice because of their uniqueness and excellent designs.


  1. Callegari Olive Oil Bottles

This bottle is the epitome of class and elegance! It looks like it contains something of great quality, so when you realize it’s olive oil, it makes it seem worth the buy. Seeing as its premium extra-virgin olive oil, Pereira & O’Dell created a design that met that standard.


  1. Pasta La Vista

If this isn’t a cool design for homemade pasta, what is? The packaging is bright, colourful, animated and engaging. It creates curiosity and is also fun and amusing. Created by Andrew Gorkovenko, it is a design that will definitely make you stop and look.


  1. Juice Skins

We couldn’t find the actual name of this drink brand made in Japan, but we had to throw it in! How creative is it to design the package in accordance with the contents of the product? These are really cool and portable and literally give you a feel of what you’re about to drink!


  1. Gurnard Fish

This fish packaging makes you feel like you’re about to consume fresh fish! The colours are striking and it almost looks 3D. Designed by PostlerFerguson, we think this packaging is a go!

We hope you were inspired by our short but sweet list and that you’re on your way to finding a highly talented and conceptual designer for your food packaging.


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