Food has taken over. We are constantly being bombarded with extra juicy looking steaks, intensely seasoned chicken, cream covered desserts, and every other guilty pleasure you can imagine. Research shows that the way food presented visually impacts on people’s flavour perception, and can modify people’s subsequent food choices, as well as their consumption behavior. In America, it is said that the food information derived from digital media is thought to influence over 70% of the food eaten by American households. If you’re in the food business, this may mean that food pictures are one of your best bets at successfully marketing your product.

Use props and nice backgrounds– Studies have recently found that the amount of attention that people devote to images of food is dependent on how the background is presented. Use table settings and decorations that relate with the culture and sentiments of your audience.

Ensure good lighting– This point cannot be emphasized enough. Lighting is essential when it comes to food pics. How else will the consumer see the detail of all of the goodness?

Choose your angles carefully-Apparently taking food pics from down low is a good idea as it helps capture the food better. Whatever you do, just ensure the food is the main focus and it looks good enough to make you want to drop all you’re doing and get it right away!

It has been established in our eyes, minds and bellies that images of food have a way of getting our hearts racing and our taste buds going. If you’re a chef or running a local food business, ensure your camera is always on standby after the preparation of every meal. It’s the fastest way to win over the hearts of your future customers.

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