Having a mentor is an alien concept to many people. Some see it as unnecessary and insignificant, while others have no clue where to find one. In business, everybody is a novice at some stage, so it’s important to find someone who can educate and you and give you advice from their well of knowledge. One of Zig Ziglar’s many wisdom packed quotes says;

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” 

Here are a few reasons you need a mentor if you thought you could do it all alone.

You’re more likely to succeed. No matter how different your experiences, most fundamentals in business will be the same. You have better chances of succeeding when you can learn from somebody who did it first.

Greater network. A mentor can introduce you to a whole new world of people that could take your business and your network to a new level.

Help you stay in business longer. It is said that 70 percent of mentored businesses survive longer than 5 years. You’re going to win some and lose just as many, so it’s important you have someone advising you and rooting you on. Encouragement goes a long way when you’re trying to take over the world.

You’ll get there faster. A mentor will help you to get to where you’re going faster because they will have wisdom, knowledge and experience that you don’t.

Two heads are better than one. Sorry to break it to you, but you don’t know everything. There are so many knowledge gaps that a mentor can help you fill. They will see things you won’t, offer a different perspective, and give you sound advice most of the time.

You have nothing to lose by getting a mentor aside your determination to succeed all alone, which is a road filled with stumbling blocks and avoidable mistakes. If you have decided a mentor is a good idea for you, here are some steps to take to get one.

  1. Look up well known and accomplished people in your field. You can check Linkedln, do a Google search or ask around to find out the leaders in your line of industry. They may be very difficult to get a hold of so consistence and tact is key.
  2. Offer to serve in exchange for mentorship. Prominent people get tons of mentorship requests so what will make you stand out of the crowd? Instead of just looking to take, see what you can give. It may be time or resources, but see how you can offer help to your potential mentor.
  3. Be genuine, work on building a relationship, and have integrity. It is important that a mentorship will work best when there is a genuine relationship being built between yourself and your mentor. Get to know them, let them get to know you, let your yes’ be yes and your no be no.


Some of the greatest business moguls have had business mentors, so they must be onto something. Don’t let your ego get in the way of giving mentorship a try, after all, Rome wasn’t built by one man.

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