When starting a business, you’re going to have different people from different walks of life come together to help you achieve your dream. It sounds really exciting at first but the reality is that it can be bitter sweet. It takes a lot of work and excellent leadership skills to ensure that there is unity in an organization and people are able to work together professionally without chopping each other’s heads off. As well as being thorough in your recruitment processes, it is also key that you invest time and resources where available in team building activities. Here are a few benefits of these activities.


Getting to know one another better

It is easier to work with someone you know than it is to work with a stranger. Everyone won’t be your cup of tea, however it helps to be cordial with someone when you can find common ground. Ice breakers are great for this. Getting to know one another better will also help you staff be more sensitive to one another’s situations. For example, if during a team building activity they find one of their colleagues just lost a parent they might be careful not to ask certain questions or be insensitive in that regard.

Boosting team performances

Team performances can be boosted through team building activities that teach colleagues to work together towards a common goal. Feeling a part of something helps each individual feel as though they have a role to play to achieve something significant therefore helping everyone put their best foot in and learn to do what’s best for the team as a whole. It will help to place them in groups with people they haven’t worked with before to encourage working with different people.

Friendly competition

We’ve all heard the saying that friendly competition goes a long way. It especially works wonders in work environments. If you want people to perform better sometimes a bit of friendly competition with an incentive goes a long way. Focus on activities that separate staff into different groups and then make them compete. Winning helps people feel a sense of accomplishment, and the desire to win makes people aspire to achieve more.


Team building shouldn’t be a recreation of boring university lectures. They should replicate the fun activities you looked forward to in primary school. The activities should enable employees to let their hair down a little bit which will ultimately result in bonding and a renewed excitement and motivation for work. Focus on funny and quirky activities that will make people less self-conscious as well as boost their confidence.

The primary objective of team building activities is to encourage bonding, unity and togetherness amongst staff, however we all know that even the happiest of families have disagreements ever so often. Laying the right foundation just means that no matter what, you sustain a positive atmosphere so that you have a healthy and happy work environment.

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