This special note is addressed to you, yes you!!! Everyone that made March Market ’19 as colourful as it turned out to be. The event could not have been more decorated than you made it, and it is only because you showed up. We try to picture an MDM event without you in it and we immediately see purposelessness, a lack of direction and a structure void of concreteness.
Since the first edition of Mente De Moda’s events till this point, it has always been about you and not us. And though we do not run a not-for-profit organization, we assure you that we become more and more customer-centric every passing day. When we see you at our events and how satisfied you are, we are reminded time and again what birth this in the first place, and why we wake up every morning to pursue relentlessly the vision.


March Market ’19 was exhilarating in every sense of the description. The market place was lit up with smiling faces, moving colours, dressed mannequins that quickly became otherwise in minutes, and happy customers carrying around bags filled with desires. The music was on another level with music from the Disc Jockeys playing hits that kept everyone in an elated mood throughout the day, mouths moved graciously with satisfaction too. We are glad that you didn’t just enjoy the amazing shopping deals that you got from the vendors at March Market ‘19 but also the many aspects of the event from the, jet ski bookings, to the little packs of individuals that could be spotted here and there around the market place.

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